UH-60 Blackhawk


Reliable UH-60 Spare Parts Supplier

Forward Motion Group Holdings has joined a select group of Capital Investors and MRO’s in a special project with the main objective to become a reliable supplier of major components and spare parts for the UH-60 Blackhawk.

By means of a collective effort of all the members, we are purchasing a select group of UH-60 that has been decommission by the U.S. Government and, using the knowhow of top mechanics in the industry, dismantle and repair main components like Main Rotor Blades, Tail Rotor Blades, Engines, Transmissions, Gear boxes, Landing Gears, Panels, Avionics, etc. 

A list of offered parts is available upon request, please contact us at: sales@fmgus.com

The Sikorsky UH-60 can travel at speeds of up to 183 miles per hour and its body is engineered to withstand impact from medium-caliber projectiles. The Sikorsky UH 60 Blackhawk parts are lightweight to allow the helicopter to reach maximum speeds.

The parts are also more durable and have a higher resistance to heat.

As the supplier, we have invested in the best inspection and testing equipment. This shows our commitment to delivering quality components.

UH-60 Blackhawck

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