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Warrior Assault Systems Covert Plate Carrier



The next generation PMAG 30 GEN M3 is a 30 round 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Remington) polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons. Along with expanded feature set and compatibility, the GEN M3 incorporates new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability to exceed rigorous military performance specifications.


The magazine is made of reinforced composite, a heavy duty stainless steel spring, and an anti tilt follower. The inclusion of these high quality parts will ensure that once you've bought our Galil mag, you won't have to go searching for another for years to come



Command Assault Pouch


Tactical Wrist Case


Field Command Case



Banshee – Warrior Pouch Package


  • (1) Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier – Choose Color

  • (1) Triple Molle Open M4/5.56mm Pouch – Warrior Assault Systems

  • (1) Adjustable Radio Pouch (Fits Motorola 5000 series) – Warrior Assault Systems

  • (1) Small Moll Utility Zippered Pouch – Warrior Assault Systems


  • Triple Molle Pouch – Triple Open Mag pouch holds 3 x 5.56mm mags in a compact panel configuration. The Triple Open Mag uses the MOLLE system to attach to any compatible rig, vest or belt. It can also be used on Warrior packs and bags, for example the Warrior Grab Bag and takes up 6 horizontal rows of MOLLE.

  • Adjustable Radio Pouch – The Adjustable Radio Pouch (ARP) has secure elastic binding allowing for a universal fit for a variety of coms units. Internally there is a Velcro strip that can be adjusted to determine the radio height and a corded retention strap with a fast tex fastener which can be adjusted to fit. The whole pouch is padded internally to provide protection under the most adverse conditions. Fits Motorola 5000 series

  • Small MOLLE Utility Pouch- This is a great all round small and compact utility pouch. It features 4 internal elastic strips, a second internal Velcro pocket and includes heavy duty zips with silent pull tabs. Warrior’s Small MOLLE Utility Pouch takes up 3 horizontal rows of MOLLE on compatible plate carriers, rigs and bags. Pouch Size: 5.5″ x 7″ x 2.5″

Tactical Eyewear’s sunglasses are designed with the operator in mind and to stand up to hard use in the field. Used by military and law enforcement personnel, they feature matte frames and non-mirrored lenses to eliminate glare and help keep your position hidden when you want to lie low. They also meet the uniform code for all branches of the military and are Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 Rated.


This dynamic triple utility tool includes a knife, safety hook and glass breaker.

  • AXIS® locking mechanism.

  • Modified sheepsfoot blade style with ambidextrous thumb-stud opener.

  • N680 highly corrosion resistant blade steel (57-59HRC).

  • 440C hook-shaped safety cutter (58-60HRC)

  • Textured G10 handles (available in black or safety orange) with 420J full stainless steel liners and a reversible tip-up deep pocket clip.

  • Carbide glass breaker


Powerful headlamp with 3 lighting levels, Boost mode and colored Wide Angle lenses. Discreet proximity lighting while preserving night vision

Princeton Tec Fred

Utilizing the exact same ergonomic and lightweight styling of the Fuel, the Fred enables you to preserve night vision with the substitution of a Red LED for one of the white.

Armor Combo Packages

Be properly equipped to engage real world threats with the Active Response Carrier System (ARCS.) The ARCS was designed for law enforcement officers to rapidly up-armor and provide protection from rifle fired munitions in a plate carrier that can immediately don over existing uniforms or plain clothes. With the emerging threats facing law enforcement and first responders, having the ARCS as part of your protective equipment is essential to win the fight


Medical Packs & Bags

Chase Tactical IFAK / Basic Medical Refill

Our Tacti cal Trauma kits are assembled by hand and made to order. Examples of the emergency medical supplies we can add to our kits include antibiotic cream, trauma dressing, elastic bandages, exam gloves, CPR mask, and moleskin. We also carry emergency supplies and fully-assembled kits from leading tactical manufacturers, including North American Rescue, Warrior Assault Systems, and Phokus Research

The Tactical Trauma medical line by Chase Tactical includes a wide variety of custom solutions, available in a myriad of configurations. Each kit is assembled by hand and made to order. For more information on building a custom medical solution call Forward Motion Group Holdings LLC.



  • CLS Bag (1)

  • 2″x4″ Bandage Strip (5)

  • Stethoscope (1)

  • Blood Pressure Cuff (1)

  • Hand Sanitizer, Large (1)

  • Pair of Exam Gloves (4)

  • Pain Reliever Tablets in box/bottle (1)

  • CPR Mask (1)

  • Antibiotic Cream Tube (4)

  • 1″x3″Bandage Strips (16)

  • Moleskin (2), Ice Pack (2)

  • After Bite Wipes (6)

  • 3″ Ace Elastic Bandage (6)

  • Cervical Collar (1)

  • 6″ Ace Elastic Bandage (6)

  • Pen Light (2)

  • Trauma Dressing [Israeli] (6)

  • EMT Shears (2)

  • 1″ Tape Roll (2)

  • Safety Pins (6)

  • First Aid Book (1)

  • Chest Seal (8)

  • Eye Pad (5)

  • H Bandages or S Roll Gauze (18)

  • Hemostats (4)

  • 14 Gauge Catheters (8)

  • Safety Scissors (4)

  • QuikClot® Combat Gauze (4)

  • Abdominal Pad 5″x9″ (10)

  • CAT Tourniquets (5)

  • Casualty Blanket 84″x52″ (2)

  • Airway Tube (2)

  • Knuckle Bandage (10)

  • Blood Stopper Kit (2)

  • Antiseptic Wipes (45)

  • Constrictor Band (1)

  • Burn Aid Pack (5)

  • Universal Splint (1)

  • Butterfly Strips (5)



At 6.5 feet long, the stretcher is long enough to accommodate all operators and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs for both the operator and his/her gear. The stretcher has 5 handles per side to give each team a multitude of configurations for carrying a downed man. When paired with the Combat Carbon Poles (sold separately), you get the lightest semi-rigid expedient medical litter / stretcher available at only 3.5 lbs total weight.

Additionally, the litter collapses and zips together to form an essential multipurpose lightweight bag for operators to collect items such as Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Material or gear from a downed man. The bag is augmented with a single adjustable strap for easy carry when loaded, a drawstring to secure the bag contents, and is small enough to fold up and be stored in a cargo pocket.

  • As a bag: 29 inches x 24 inches

  • Volume of bag: 4,222 cubic inches (69 liters)

  • As a stretcher: 78 inches x 29 inches

  • Rolled for storage: 9 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches

  • Weight: 10oz

  • Maximum carrying capacity: 400lbs


MAT Combat Tourniquet

In emergency situations, MATCombat quickly works to stop moderate to severe extremity blood-loss, even to trapped limbs. When natural or man-made disasters occur and resources are tight, MATCombat can be applied quickly and efficiently, allowing you to asses other injuries or treat other patients.
  • 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds (as measured by Doppler, BP and Oximeter sensors.)

  • Safe compression. Can be applied in small, controlled increments and easily released. Quick and easy to apply.

  • One hand application. Easy to use and learn for all levels of medical and non-medical personnel.

  • Multi-purpose application to arms, legs and trapped limbs.

  • Secure. Mechanical advantage tourniquet system ensures that MATCombat does not slip or loosen.

  • Light weight, compact design.

  • Durable. Operates in extreme conditions, such as mud, water and sand submersion, extreme cold, ice-encrustment and hard surface (concrete) impact.

  • Latex Free


AMBU Adjustable Collar – Military Version

The Ambu Perfit ACE has a one-piece design that adjusts to most adult size neck with 16 different settings ranging from neckless to tall sizes. This collar incorporates latches that allow the rescuer to size the collar exactly to the patient’s neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for reliability. Comes with a ventilated, posterior shell for fluid drainage.