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Over the last few months, we have advanced and developed new relationships, work methodologies and commercial proposals in order to complete our work.

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Business to Government (B2G)

Since 1998, we have worked together with the Armed and Security Forces and we have important relationships at the national, provincial and municipal levels as well as with private companies from SMEs to multinationals thanks to our dedication and commitment to achieving the objectives proposed in each administration.


State and private entities are, in addition to being a highly relevant client, part of our objective to achieve the satisfaction of their needs.

International Economic Context

The present economic context that part of Latin America and our country is going through results in results that can be fully exploited to obtain benefits for each of the contracting parties. Therefore, we will detail the titles taking into account the economic and financial variations that may result from the international exchange between the two companies as a whole.


National Purchases and Contracts

We will be able to participate in the most important national and international Purchasing and Contracting departments in our country through contractual processes.


such as tenders and contests to propose the distinguished Forward Motion Group® catalog to entities such as Special Operations Forces, Ministries, Joint Chiefs of Staff, among other.


Attention all Forces

We have carried out distinguished efforts and given special attention to the Ministry of Security, the Federal Forces (Gendarmerie, Prefecture, Federal and Airport Police), the Provincial Forces (more than twenty Provincial Police and the respective Penitentiary Services) and the Ministry of Defense and the Group of the Armed Forces (Argentine Army, Argentine Air Force and Argentine Navy) achieving an outstanding image with each of the aforementioned entities.

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Servicio Penitenciario Bonaerense.png
Prefectura Naval Argentina.png
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Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria.png
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Fuerza Aerea Argentina.png
Gendarmería Nacional Argentina.png
Ejército Argentino.png
Armada Argentina.png

Requested Classes and Items

The Purchases and Contracts carried out are classified into various items and classes, including, among others:

  • Textile, Clothing, Confections and Uniforms

  • Tactical Equipment

  • Armaments and Supplies

  • Logistics Services Defense Vehicles

  • Our work team is constantly checking and controlling them in order to propose them in a timely manner.

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Worldwide Capability

Thanks to our administrative and legal management, we not only participate in national contractual processes, but we can also enter as bidders in international processes of the different Argentine Military Attaché Offices in various countries of the world.

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We may participate in contracts made by the Argentine Navy and/or state or private companies in the field, which require using the services offered to complete the logistics chain and offer the catalog of solutions provided by Forward Motion Group ®



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Military Aviation

We have important strategic points that will allow us to supply the Argentine Air Force and the Airport Security Police with supplies, accessories, elements and resources necessary for the maintenance and acquisition of military aviation for defense and security.


Commercial Aviation

We are related to large international commercial aviation companies, such as Aerolineas Argentinas, the Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Ezeiza, the Aeronautical Technical Personnel Association, which is in charge of a large part of the purchases and contracts for maintenance and supplies for commercial aircraft, among others. others.

Manufacturing and Optimization

We will be able to widely optimize the manufacturing costs of combat uniforms, generating a favoring model for both parties, since, given the economic context of our country, national labor represents savings in the cost of manufacturing by the countries.


foreigners, and for us, it represents a great improvement in the quality of the inputs and accessories used in the products, in addition, of course, to the increase in work that it generates nationally, contributing not only to the final consumer, but also to the personnel that must be hired. for efficient and timely manufacturing.

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Investment and Advertising

The optimization of each business unit shown in this document will result in great advertising content, promoting and disseminating the Forward Motion Group ® brand throughout the national territory, and finally achieving an alliance that will cover the needs with a great reach in the Forces and Ministries, and generating a high-quality investment of time and resources for our country and favoring the businesses of both Groups.

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